7 Easy Guidelines and Tips for how to Care Fresh Flowers

Flowers are the crown of the nature that enhances the beauty of the nature with its presence. It is such a thing that makes every place beautiful wherever you put it.

7 Easy Guidelines and Tips for how to Care Fresh Flowers

It can be your garden as well as in your room. We all love to keep beautiful and fresh flower in our home. This enhances the ambiance of the place and keeps it full of freshness. Here is some easy guidelines and tips for the proper care of the fresh flowers.

1) Don’t dry With a Towel

As flowers are very delicate with their softer petals, we need to hydrate the flower. If you are keeping the flowers inside a water vase, then you need to change the water in every regular interval.

If you are keeping it inside a dry vase then you need to sprinkle the flowers. Once you water the flower, never soak them with towel. When you rub the towel on the flower, the petals become loose from the bonding.

This will make the flower last for lesser number of days. Let the flowers dry in the normal temperature.

2) Softer Stems

Not all the flowers look good in longer stems. Some flowers look beautiful in longer stems. And it is important to take more care for those flowers.

These flowers need to dip in water vases only to keep them hydrated. First cut the stems in a similar angle so that the flowers will be of same height. Such an angle will also help the water intake for the flowers.

3) Be Careful not to Overdose

We all love to see bouquet of flowers. Flowers in a bunch always attract people’s attention. But when you choose flowers for your room, you need to be very careful.

If you put so many flowers together, they might not live long. Overcrowding flowers in one vase will not let them have proper intake of water. So, very soon your flowers lose freshness and you have to change them. So, keep smaller number of flowers to keep them healthy and afresh for long.

4) Make Your Own Flower Food

As we all need food to live and be healthy, same is with the flowers as well. You can get flower food sachets available in any floral stores. These are concoction of bleach and sugar with citric acid.

These three ingredients in proper proportion will make the perfect food for cut flowers. Take a vase of water and mix the food in it. Then put the cut flowers in that vase. Stirring the food is very must.

Also, you should take care that neither the food nor the vase should over dose. This will affect the flowers adverse.

5) Water Wisely

Watering flowers is very important but you need to know the proper amount. The need of water varies according to the temperature and season. In summer more or less all flowers need more water. But in winter, usually flowers require lesser amount of water.

In rainy season, it is the most difficult time to take care of the flowers. As there is more moisture in the air in that period of time, you need to maintain the proper ratio of hydration to your flowers. To make taking care easier, you can buy indoor plant online.

6) Avoid Direct Sunlight

No matter how much light the flowers need, direct sunlight is not always good for cut flowers. Cut flowers are always more delicate than the garden flowers. So, they need more care.

You should never keep the cut flowers in direct sunlight. Better place is to keep them around windowpane where the heat of sunlight comes. When you send flowers to your home, mention your parents or sibling not to keep them in direct sunlight.

7) Remove Foliage below Water

Foliages dipped in water are very harmful for cut flowers. After cutting the stems proper, dip them inside the vase. If there is any foliage under the waterline, remove them.

The wet foliage will create bacteria and will affect the other flowers as well. If you keep the stems hydrated, they will be softer and will help the cut flowers last longer.

Flowers are careless beauties of nature but you need to take proper care once you pluck them from garden. Above is the ideal guide to take proper care of your cut flowers.

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