A comprehensive tutorial to learn Node Js

Are you a web development company or even a freelancer considering to use node js framework? Well, you are on the right direction. It is one of the most powerful platforms built on Google Chrome.

Developers yearning to create intensive web applications find it thrilling. If anything, it is an open source and thus, cost-efficiency is guaranteed. To get the best out of the framework, it is critical to go through a comprehensive tutorial on how to use it. This article delves into these details.

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Features of node js

Even before you learn on how to utilize node JavaScript, being aware of what is node.js and the beneficial features is paramount. You can make a decision on whether to use it or go for other options.  Here are the most important ones:

  • Single Threaded and Highly Scalable

The framework utilizes single threaded model featuring event looping. It allows the server to respond with non-blocking mechanism in mind. Accordingly, high scalability is achieved.

This is better than the traditional servers, which are designed to come up with constrained threads to handle user requests.

  • Asynchronous

The framework does not wait for an API to return data but instead, it is event-driven.

  • It Is Fast

Since it is built on chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, the code execution is fast. This means that developers can create apps efficiently.

  • Buffering Is Eliminated 

The applications do not buffer data but rather output it in chunks.

  • Lightweight Framework

Bare minimum modules are included. Even so, you can include other modules based on your needs.

  • Cross-Platform Framework

You are assured that the framework will run flawlessly on different platforms including MAC, Linux and Windows. Accordingly, developers have a chance to create applications that can reach to a wider audience.

  • Access to Resources

There are many people using nodejs and as such, you are assured of getting all the support and information needed to create apps.

Some of the web development companies using node.js include Microsoft, eBay, PayPal and Yahoo among others.  You can go to the sites for node js examples. At this point, you may want to know, what is nodejs used for?  It is ideal for the following areas:

  • Data streaming applications.
  • Single page applications.
  • Data intensive Real-time applications.
  • I/O bound applications.

Whereas you can utilize the framework in a range of areas, it is advisable to avoid using it in developing CPU-based applications. This is inclusive of processing images.

A lot of time is taken to process such a request and hence, the single thread is likely to be blocked. The benefits of using nodejs are summarized as follows:

The Development Environment

As a web development company, you must have various tools and steps required to develop a node.js application. These are:

  • Node.js.
  • Node package manager.
  • Integrated development environment/ text editor (IDE).

As you will find out at https://www.w3schools.com/nodejs/nodejs_intro.asp, node package manager is automatically installed after the node.js installation. The framework will be installed if you follow these steps:

  • Go to the node.js website.
  • Download the link with a consideration to your operating system.
  • Double click on the link to start installing the framework.
  • Read and accept the license agreement.
  • Click finish to complete the process.
  • Verify the installation by opening the command prompt.

Note that nodejs has the capacity to detect the operating system and as such, you do not have to make the specifications during the installation process.

If you are using Linux or Max, you can install the framework directly from the command line and utilize package managers designed for the operating systems. The node package manager performs two functions.

The first one is to command line utility to install the packages. Second, it performs online repositories for the framework.

Additionally, any IDE that supports JavaScript can be used. However, you must be careful to find an IDE that blends in with auto complete features. The text editor is used to type a program in app development.

Some of the examples are windows notepad and OS edit command. The version of the text editor varies depending on the operating system. Notepad, for instance, is used on Windows.

The files created with the editor are known as source files. You must have experience and skills on how to come up with a computer program to create the files.

Creating a Node.js Application

Once you have created the ideal environment, the next step is to create the application. The following steps will help you through:

  • Import the necessary module. It will help you to load http module and store the returned HTTP.
  • Create server. It listens to client’s requests.
  • Read request and return response. Here, the server will read the http requests and offer a response.

Node.js Console

The framework features a virtual environment known as Read-Eval-Print-Loop. It will help you to test the code. To open it, you must open the command windows and type your code. Results similar to what you get from a Google Chrome browser console will be displayed.

Modules Used In Node.js Application

Modules are used in the framework to encapsulate code in a distinct unit. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Jade. It is a high performing template engine.
  • Socket.io. it allows for timely bidirectional event-based communication.
  • Express framework. This offers a range of features for the applications.
  • Bluebird. Innovative features and incredible performance is offered in the module. 

The Bottom Line All in all, every node.js development company will achieve the ideal results when designing applications because the framework is easy to use.

Support is also offered for both the experienced and novice app developers. It is also critical to be aware of when the updated versions of framework are released.

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