Artificial Intelligence can Now Decode Words and read Brain thoughts and Waves

Neurological Scientist and researchers found that now Artificial Intelligence with robotics can decode words and read brain waves.

Here’s a thought: Mind-reading robots is not only ready for commercial purposes, but it will be of practical use actually in each and everyday business applications and appliances.

But wait, you thought – That’s creepy, invasive and useless. Read this article though, and you just might think about it and change your mind about mind reading software and robotics.

The missing ingredient

Futurists and researchers have predicted about mind-reading technology for years. And while the with that technology, detection of brain-wave and thoughts patterns has been possible for decodes, the missing ingredient was the ability to interpretation them.

But now, world thanks to artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, we can finally know what’s going on inside human’s minds and what they are thinking in mind.

In the general process researchers and scientists have developed software that takes readouts brain waves from human brains and matches them to words or pictures.

Once it will be mapped, future of next generation will different and readouts can be read all human brain waves, interpreted and used for various kinds of brain-revealing or mental-control applications.

For example,

MIT geniuses have created a face-recognition device, with addition in a machine-learning application, which performs very well for real-time speech-to-text conversion.

Neurological Scientists are use a neural network to match some specific neuromuscular signals with some specific words. Each human physiology is different with others. The researchers were able to get 92% accuracy after customization and training.

The brain reading software also provides bone conduction output. That means you could make requests of a virtual assistant (VA) and get output with audible only to you, all without the knowledge of people sitting right in front of you and near to you.

Also, it more over takes an existing behavior — spoken and audible interaction with a virtual brain assistant — and done it silent and invisible, thereby increasing the range of certain situations where one could use a VA.

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), have invented a mind-reading device with AI technology that also turns brain activity into text with better than 90% accuracy.

Instead of understanding the words a human is subvocalizing, it may detect what that person is hearing, with brain/mental activity alone.

The researchers and scientists took advantage of that kind of epilepsy treatment whereby waves are implanted directly on the surface of the mind.

Scientists used those waves for a second purpose, which was to monitor brain waves in the auditory cortex. They took that brain data and used algorithms to decode and convert it into a specific speech sounds as they were being listen by the subject.

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