FSSAI soon to introduce new Standards for Food Packaging


Recently, the food safety ape authority FSSAI had reported that very soon it will totally boycott the use of recycled plastic and newspaper in the packing process of the food items, with the end goal of doing away with the health and well being related dangers and natural degradation.

In this unique circumstance, the FBOs particularly those having FSSAI registration will currently be required to assume the full accountability of guaranteeing that the packing stuff given by the provider is really safe and sound and is of food-grade quality material.

They will presently be required to agree to the guidelines set forward in the controls under the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging) Regulations, 2018.

#1. What is the new packing direction that is introduced by the FSSAI authority?

  • India’s top most food safety controller and regulator has, as of late informed that another arrangement of packing directions would before long supplant.
    • All the current arrangements in connection with the packing requirements, as discussed in the FSS (Packaging and Labeling) Regulations, 2011.
  • The directions that will be decided before long, will put due emphasis or stress on the guidelines that will decide the diverse packing materials, namely plastics, glass materials, paper packaging, metals, printing inks, and so on, in the entire packaging supply chain.

#2. At the point when will FSSAI present its new directions?

FSSAI had previously expressed in December 2018 that it would soon issue the all-new extensive guidelines within a few days.

These will be comprehensive in nature and they will basically deny the utilization of plastics just as recycled materials to package of food items.

#3. By what means will the new packing measures guarantee food safety?

  • The peak food controller, FSSAI has clearly said in a statement that the new benchmarks would likewise line up with the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) benchmarks that are laid down for packaging processes.
  • On the whole, the BIS standards are however optional for the food businesses as of now, yet after the journal a notification by the FSSAI.
    • They will be compulsorily required for a wide range of Food Businesses having FSSAI registration.

#4. When will the new packing principles come into power?

  • As we have already discussed about it, the new packing models will without a doubt give general as well as specific rules with regard to packaging stuff in food products.
  • They will also indicate the overall migration limits (OML) and specific migration limits (SML) of all types of contaminants in case of packaging materials.
  • They will finally be brought into effect from 1st of July, 2019.

#5. What are the optional strategies for food packing?

The new controls will likewise propose the expansive rundown of packing materials for different food item classes.

  • Under these directions, the packing stuff if there should be an occurrence of pressing or putting away the food items will conform to the Indian models gave.
  • After these new directions are set up, FBOs would need to assume liability that the packing provider is giving them safe and food review pressing material following the BIS models gave in the controls.
  • The FSSAI is likewise enthused about giving mass mindfulness among partners, shoppers and food organizations preceding the execution of the new packing standards.
  • Considering the cancer-causing (carcinogenic growth) impact of utilized inks and colors in printing, these controls likewise suspend the utilization of newspaper and other such materials for pressing or wrapping.

Most importantly, these controls will avoid the utilization of recycled plastics packing material, including polythene bags or rags for packing of the sold food articles.

Government notification on this regards

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