How to Convert OST to PST file Online – An Easy Guide

In the Microsoft Outlook, OST file is rendered out of reach because of the issues on Exchange server or when the client tries to move data from one framework to another.

Because of these elements, the routine corporate interchanges, utilizing emails  and other mail segments, come to a halt through this Outlook email client

Instant Solution: Try OST to PST Converter which easily converts Exchange OST file to PST format. It also supports all Outlook Versions such as MS Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 and below.

Subsequently, it’s prescribed to convert OST to PST and import them into the recently designed Outlook email client.

Despite the fact that manual techniques for file conversions are great these are related to their very own arrangement of restrictions.

As these strategies are not sufficiently aggressive, OST does not yield the best outcomes after PST conversion, it might prompt communications errors.

This post shows the particular reasons for this Outlook mistake and the manual and expert strategies for OST to PST conversion online

When the user is unable to access Outlook email client; at that point, it required to convert OST file to PST file and access Outlook data.

The essential reasons why clients need to go for The essential reasons why clients need to go for OST to PST Conversion are:

1. Unable to access because of a server crash or database unavailability.

2. Migration and recovering of data

An issue very much expressed is an issue half-settled. So also, when an Outlook Administrator knows about the correct reason for the problem, at that point the issue is settled effortlessly.

Let’s us look at the possible reasons for OST to PST file conversion in a detailed manner:

1. Inaccessibility of Exchange Server:

Reasons like power failure, programming failing, other comparable reasons lead to the unplanned breakdown of Microsoft Exchange server. At that point, Outlook clients cannot access their mailbox data.

The conversions guarantee data availability when the Exchange is ready for running.

A planned support action for Exchange server requires downtime. Exchange administrators close down the server to complete the maintenance of Exchange server successfully.

At this time, the Exchange database on that server isn’t open. If the activity is not finished within the stipulated time-length, there is an issue.

2. Migration of Data:

Data migration becomes necessary when the organization shifts from one location to another. Additionally, when the user moves from one framework to another.

In both cases, there is a requirement for OST to PST conversion as OST opens just on that framework where it is created initially.

3. Recover Data:

In the case when data of all employees is deleted from the server. If some data is urgently required, then it can be restored from the user’s local machine.

This can be possible just when the system is not formatted and OST file is present. This helps in accessing the Outlook data easily.

  • Data Archiving
  • Transfer Data to new PST file
  • Export OST to PST Converter

Before utilizing these mentioned methods, check for the following steps:

  • Availability of OST file in the same system
  • There should be a connection between Outlook and MS Exchange
  • Non-presence of corrupted OST files

Let us look at the three techniques and their advantages and disadvantages

Data Archiving

There is a way to archive mailbox data into PST file using the Cleanup tools in ms Outlook. Using this feature one can migrate all mailbox items, except Contacts

Follow the below steps to archive mailbox data to PST file

1. Hit the file tab in the Main menu

2. Choose Cleanup Tools and hit on Archive

3. Click on Archive this folder and all subfolders option. Select folders to migrate into PST file and date option to archive items. This feature is only present in ‘Archive Items Older than’ option.

4. Browse location path to save items in PST file format. Name this file and hit OK to complete the process.

5. Clarify if the PST is saved to the desired location and contains all elements


  • A reliable method to convert OST to PST Online for Outlook emails


  • There is not restoration when archive mailbox is archived as there is the availability of Contacts data in converter PST file
  • Chances of data loss if data items are not available in the archived folder
  • Nonverification of the database for completeness

Export Data to New PST

It offers users to convert OST file into PST and saves contacts in CSV format

1. Follow the below steps to perform the process

2. Launch MS Outlook. Go to the main menu and open Import options

3. From Import and Export Window choose Export to a file and click on Next button

4. Choose  Outlook Data File (.PST) and then click Next

5. It will show the location to Save exported file as. If required, change the name and location of the PST file

6. Select Do not copy duplicate items and click on Finish button

7. The OST to PST online conversion is completed and verify PST file elements


  • Easily converts contacts folder
  • Simple and Secure conversion process


  • Less effective than archiving method

Automated Solution

As you have seen above methods have its own pros and cons. So due to their limitations, I would like to recommend the professional utility

i.e,  OST to PST Converter which allows moving Exchange OST file to PST file. It easily converts data from OST files such as Email, Calendars, Contacts into PST file format.


It is a good option to do archiving, but it is lengthy and time-consuming. But contacts are not properly saved. Exporting option is not a good approach to convert OST to PST Online.

SysTools OST to PST Converter ensures efficient conversion from OST to PST without any restrictions. Additionally, this tool supports all Outlook Versions and conversions into different file formats.

It ensures uninterrupted business communication.

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