Romantic Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Romantic Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Who told valentine gift must be store bought. Handmade gifts are given equal importance if you really want to reconnect with your partner. The difference is your gift is made with love from home.

This actually shows your creative side. On the other side it shows your love of putting efforts behind this project. It is a good thought for those who are willing to pay regards and honor to love but they have a short of money or don’t have a time to go and shop for Online Valentine day gift.

here comes the tutorial of gifts which are handmade using simple things from home. You will love doing this.

1 – Love Jar

You want to show reason why you love him/her, the trick is here. Use an empty jar to fill the love notes inside. Get the pink or red cardboard and make the heart cut outs.

They should be small enough to insert in Mason jar. Cut as much hearts you can. You want to keep it to be stored for the next valentine, make 365 hearts to read it until the next valentine.

Give the reason in each note, why he/she is very special person, why she/he is the love of life. Now insert those notes in the empty jar and close the lid. Decorate the jar with golden spray paint and memorable photo.

Stick a ribbon bow on the lid. You have made a memorable gift to preserve the special memories.

2 – Love Letter with Photo

With this trick you can frame your love story. Have one square cardboard and stick the memorable photo at the center point. Now try to write short stories of memorable time.

Write it in the very few and very short words to fit it into the sides of photo. Now use any traditional or empty frame to set that memorable photo. A love frame is ready to surprise your boy or girl.

3 – Printable Candy Boxes

Printable area readily available for to make innovative candy boxes at home. You need cardstock papers to cut the paper and make square or round candy boxes.

Use marker pen to remark the love notes on the front side of the card box. Fill in the candies and close it with glue stick. You can adjust the design and size of printable boxes of your choice.

4 – Love Explosion Box

Hexagon explosion is a magic trick allowed as the great source for surprising someone near. Now this explosion box could be done at home by learning this hexagon explosion making craft.

It’s not very difficult. You need perfect sized square photo graphs, some letters to stick on the squares. Do as directed in the pinterest and cover it with the square box. It opens like flowers spring and displays everything which you are not able to see in front of her/him.

5 – Valentine Pillow

You want to pamper girl with the cuddly gift then valentine pillow is the perfect gifting option. You can use printing machine to carve heart shape on pillow cover.

Or else embroider a heart shape or special message on pillow and cover it on the pillow. You want to share photo printable pillow, Valentine day Personalized Gift is the right online shop for you.

6 – Gift Bouquet

Make a bouquet of his or her favorite thing and gift it. It relies upon which type of gift your partner love to steal from you. You can fill in the bouquet with candies, tangy snacks.

Offer travel kit in the form of bouquet for the travel enthusiast. Or give her a spa massage kit gifted in the form of bouquet. You can replace the bouquet into square container if you find difficulty in making a bouquet.

7 – Sweets for Your Love

tickle the sweet buds in your life by giving chocolates. It doesn’t mean you can give chocolates only. You can choose home baked cookies, goodies, hand baked cup cakes and many sweet treats to fill in the Mason jar or bakery boxes. Bake heart shaped cookies, cup cakes to give your partner a heartfelt treat.

All above gifts are good and doesn’t look boring. Your hearty effort of making this project is visible. It is a prompt and ultimate solution when you have no idea of what to buy.

Tutorials are very simple and seriously it will create a lasting impression then the store bought gifts. So use it for making your valentine unforgettable moment of life for your partner.

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