Simple & Essential Tips for Winter Gardening Survive

Winter is the most inconvenient season for almost everything. The temperature drop, the chilling winds- everything makes it difficult for the nature to survive.

Simple & Essential Tips for Winter Gardening Survive

So, we do not see much growth in nature during this season. But, there are certain tricks as well. Vegetables are the best crop/plants for winter gardening. Here are simple and important tips for winter gardening.

1) Grow Fresh and variety of Vegetables

Though winter is the barren season, but it is equally a season of taste as well. In winter, if you have place for home gardening, grow vegetables. You would love to have those fresh vegetables cultivated by you on your dinner plates.

All you need is preserved seeds of various vegetables. You can get seeds of cauliflower and cabbage. Besides, radish and beats along with beans are other tasty vegetables of winter.

Bell papers, spinach will also flourish your garden in this season. The fruit of your hard-work will make you feel proud for your effort. And your dinner plate full of your yielded vegetables will make you smile the widest.

2) Keep Plant Warm/Mulch Cover

The best way to keep your plants warm but not to get them damaged from sun rays is to cover them. You know the maximum height of the plants you are growing.

Make a shed of a little more height from the plants’ height. It is best use fine cloths for shedding. Also, mulching is important as well. It is to make a layer of material on the topsoil to protect its health and fertility.

This will also reduce the weed growth and preserve the soil moisture. Inorganic mulch of plastic is not wise to use. Whereas bark chips and manure of compost will make very good organic mulch.

3) Check Water Supply

Water supply for the season of winter is very crucial. It varies according to the plant or vegetables as well. In winter it is best to go for deep watering your garden once in a week.

Most of the soil is very saggy and because of the cold wild, more water will damage your plant roots. When you water, make sure you water the whole plant well including the leaves, shoots and roots as well.

4) Maintains of Houseplant

Housewarming plants like orchids, lilies require good take care for this season. Winter is all about dust and it is very harmful for houseplants. Now, wash the leaves with sprinkling water once you see them dirty.

Sun comes out for shorter period of time and you have to utilize it properly. During 8.30 am to 9.30 am, the sunrays are most delicate. So, let your houseplant soak some sunlight in the direct sun.

If your window has a glass pane, remove the plant from there in winter. Glass soaks more cold and stays cold for longer period of time affecting the plants. Or else, you just put a hard card-board to cover the glass of the window panes in winter.

5) No Extra Fertilizer

Fertilizers are the least preference for the winter season. During winter, let your plants and farm grow without the help of fertilizer. When you are using fertilizers, you need to water more the plants which are not suitable for plants in winter.

Using fertilizers is to force the plant to grow that affects the sleeping period of the plants. While the colder wind and temperature drop will damage the new growth at the same time.

6) Harvest carefully

Winter vegetables have very slow growth. SO, it is important to plan the vegetables and cultivation time carefully. Harvest the vegetables so that it can get enough time for optimal growth.

Always avoid the frost and harvest in the drier weather to avoid sticky soils. When you cut the vegetables, do not leave any vegetable in ground, even if it is not good.

7) Enjoy Nature Tasty

Winter is all about tasty food. It can be a very rough season in nature, but it is very tasteful for the platters. Winter grows the best tastes of all seasons. You can even send your own harvested food to your closest people. Send flowers along with the vegetables as well for some greetings as well.

Winter might be the worst season for the beauty conscious people, but it is heaven for the foodies. Above are the best ways to grow tasty food in winter with your own hand.

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