What is TrueCaller? How it works ?

You must have heard the name of TrueCaller and some of you may have done it or are doing it. The most important feature of this app is that no one will be able to call you from an unknown number.

As soon as a time comes to your mobile, the number that is saved in your mobile or not, the name of the person who does it will come in your mobile. We will tell you today that TrueCaller is doing the job ? After all, how does it tell the name of a person who does not have contact with our phone ?

What is True Caller ?

Actually TrueCaller is an app that has been developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, it is a software that gives information about the upcoming unique call in mobile.

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Also, if there is a period of telemarketing, it also tells him. Along with it, if any spam call it also gives its information.

If you use this software then you can avoid many disadvantages such as if the call is being repeated from an unknown number, and you are not receiving it just because it is not in your contact.

If you become aware of that number in such a situation then you can decide whether this period is necessary or not. 

How True Caller works ?

Now it comes to how it works, it works on crowd sourcing, live traffic of TrueCaller or google map, or all work on Crowd Sourcing. Now here is a question that Crowd Sourcing is what? In fact, the data of all of us in Crowd Sourcing is used only for all of us.

What is Crowd Sourcing ?

Like if any person installed TrueCaller on their mobile phone and logged in, the number of calls that will be saved in their phone contact will be synchronized to all TrueCaller servers, and any TrueCaller user becomes available to everyone.

Not only this, it also removes the number and its details from the social media of the person, and sinks into its servers.

Now it has more than 500 million users. Who use TrueCaller. So in this way, you can guess how many number of contact numbers will be synced in its server. Which are available to all users.

How accurate is this ?

The information given by this number keeps coming out of the contact list of some person. Now, there is a problem in it, by that name, that person has saved that number. It is not necessary that the contact number is saved only by the actual name of the person.

Crowd Sourcing, TrueCaller and Privacy

Now if you are thinking about your privacy that your number does not know how many people have a reservation. And do not know and how many people are using it. Now in that case your privacy is in danger, so for this you can delete your number from TrueCaller.

On one hand, from the Crowd Sourcing we get a lot of convenience from the people. On the other hand, we are also increasing the risk of people’s privacy.

The public’s data in Crowd Sourcing is used for the benefit of the public by leaving the public. In other words, it is said that Crowd Sourcing is the only use of the public’s data from the public to the benefit of the public.

If you are thinking that TrueCaller only shows the number of people who have a smartphone then you are absolutely wrong.

Your number is mobile of any such person who has a smart phone, it will also have your number synced from there. In the end, it is not wrong to say that TrueCaller and Crowd Sourcing are less damaging and more profitable.

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